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Liver Treats for Pets

Pre-cooked and Freeze-dried for safety and storage

No Additives, No Grains, No Fillers

Best use with: puppies, as a pet training tool, as a reward treat for active outdoor dogs (hunting, fishing, camping, etc.), for elderly dogs (if there are dental concerns, you can soften with water or try our Flavor Enhancer sprinkled in water or food), indoor dogs, and for spoiling all dogs "just because!"

Our Flavor Enhancers are the best dog food toppers or liver treats for dogs with a refined palate (picky eater), food allergies, dental issues, or for our aging pups without teeth. We've also had wonderful feedback for use as a supplement and the Flavor Enhancer is well-loved by our homestead pups and many other regular everyday use.

The Flavor Enhancer is also perfect for hiking, camping, hunting, or other outdoor activities. When added to your dog's water, it becomes a bulk-free power drink when you don't want another thing to carry!

There are no additives, flavorings, or fillers in our liver treats for dogs.

Shelf-stable from being freeze-dried, as long as the bag stays closed, your treats are sure to please your pups and you. Too much raw liver may cause upset stomach or diarrhea but because our liver is cooked, the likelihood of Vitamin A toxicity (Hypervitaminosis A) is extremely low. We also lower that concern further by putting our feeding guidelines on every label (and below every description on our website) so you know just how to treat your pet. If your pet is currently under the care of a veterinarian for specialty concerns, please consult with them first, we want the best for your pets.

These truly are the best liver treats for dogs, and every batch of freeze-dried beef liver is Made in Montana, USA.

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