Help Shape Maiden Montana's Future: Cast Your Vote for Our New Logo! - Maiden Montana Pet Treats

Help Shape Maiden Montana's Future: Cast Your Vote for Our New Logo!

Help Shape Maiden Montana's Future

Exciting changes are afoot at Maiden Montana Pet Treats, and we're inviting you to be a pivotal part of our evolving brand story. As we embrace a broader love for pets, including both dogs and cats, and celebrate our Montana heritage, we're on the cusp of unveiling a new logo. This update isn't just cosmetic; it's a heartfelt nod to our growth, our commitment to all pets, and our deep roots in the Montana community. Join us in choosing a logo that captures the celebrating spirit of the WHOLE family, quality pet nutrition, and our love for Montana's rich collegiate tradition.

Why a New Logo Matters:

Maiden Montana Pet Treats is more than a brand; it's a community united by a love for healthy, natural pet treats and a deep appreciation for Montana's vibrant culture. Our proposed logo reflects this ethos, incorporating elements that celebrate both feline and canine members of your family and paying homage to Montana's collegiate pride—maroon and silver for the Montana Grizzlies and blue and gold for the MSU Bobcats. It's a visual testament to our journey from a small, veteran-led family business to a beacon of pet wellness and Montana pride.

How You Can Participate:

Your voice matters to us. Help us select a logo that best represents the Maiden Montana ethos by casting your vote:

  1. Visit Our Voting Page: Navigate to to view the logo options.
  2. Select Your Favorite Design: Consider which logo resonates with you and reflects the values of Maiden Montana Pet Treats.
  3. Submit Your Vote: Follow the on-site instructions to make your selection known.

Spread the Joy:

Don't keep the excitement to yourself! Share your participation with the hashtag #MaidenMTNewLook and encourage your network to join in. It's an opportunity for all pet lovers to have a say in the future of their favorite Montana-based pet treat company.

Option 1 to vote for Maiden MT Pet Treats' new Look

A Token of Our Appreciation:

To thank you for your invaluable input, every vote will enter you into a drawing for a chance to win a full gift basket of Maiden Montana's all-natural pet treats. It's our way of showing gratitude for your continued support and partnership in our journey.

Option 2 for voting on Maiden MT Pet Treats' New Look

Looking Forward:

This logo refresh is more than just a new look—it's a commitment to our shared future, a celebration of our community, and a step forward in our mission to provide the best for pets and their families. With your help, we're not just selecting a new logo; we're embracing a future filled with promise, the WHOLE family, and continued dedication to pet health and happiness.

Your vote in selecting our new logo is a chance to leave a lasting impact on Maiden Montana Pet Treats and to show your support for a brand that values quality, community, and the joy of pets in our lives. Together, let's embark on this exciting chapter.

Option 3 to vote for Maiden MT Pet Treats' New Look!

Vote now—your participation is the key to our shared future.

Voting Options for Maiden MT Pet Treats' New Logo
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